About Me

David Patrick Beston has been a long-time New Yorker and no stranger to the city’s business community and markets. With a decade and a half of professional experience in the fastest moving channels, one would think he would go international at some point. However, for Beston, life has been about New York and home regardless.

Traveling and Life-Experienced Early On

David Beston is no stranger to having seen the world early on before his career really took off. His early forays on the other side of the planet started with a stint in the U.S. Marines early on in his life and career. There he was promoted up to sergeant rank, and in that tenure, he saw time being stationed in Japan, Africa, and odd spots like the Mojave Desert on the west coast side of the U.S. That early time overseas stuck with Beston, and the hot Southwest still remains a place where he gets away for vacation, separation, and some occasional mental solitude while hiking, either in the Mojave or in the wilderness outside of Phoenix, Arizona as well.

That said, hot is not the only destination criteria for travel; David Patrick Beston makes a regular point to take advantage of his proximity to the Northeast, and he regularly enjoys a good amount of recreation time in Maine as well. Between the lakes, forests, mountains, and coast, he takes advantage of more than a normal share of outdoor recreation when possible. Of course, Beston won’t pass up an adventure or two in the hot jungles of Central America given the chance either. However, all things considered, and having seen the world at least once or twice, New York City is still home for Beston, bar none. The Big Apple and Manhattan continue to remain the central geographic hub in Beston’s mind and life.

A Combination of Interesting Backgrounds

Education-wise, Beston has a variety of skill sets and training that give him a flexible portfolio of knowledge to draw upon regularly. His initial foray into higher education was courtesy of his military tour. Exiting the Marines and military in total, Beston went into vocational training to transition back to the civilian world through a Merivis program, specific to veterans and providing David Beston a skill-based pathway into a cloud computing career potential. That tech introduction with the latest Internet-based tools opened his eyes to what was possible online.

In addition, David Patrick Beston also pursued a bachelor of arts which he received from Hunter College CUNY, also located in New York.

His varied background gave Beston a unique ability to dance back and forth between social issues and the arts as well as the mechanical nature of technology and the forefront of digital communications today. The same education also gave Beston a deep love for post-modern American playwrights, particularly from the 1960s and the following decade as well. He also developed a deep love for the heavy reading of the classics, including literary works from such names as Raymond Carver as well as David Foster Wallace. Even now, Beston probably goes through at least a book or two a week as an avid reader.

Work Perspectives Covering a Spectrum of Life

Career-wise, Beston’s work-life continued to follow his varied world-hopping life. Right after the Marines, Beston worked a stint as an English-training teacher in Suwon, South Korea. The jump to the teacher role was easy after having spent time stationed in Okinawa, Japan, and acclimated to the East with his tour of duty when stationed. However, it was when he returned back to the statewide job market that Beston's career began to really take off. David Patrick Beston continues to seek out sales and marketing opportunities that take advantage of his combined skillset and experienced view of the world, as well as giving him opportunities to travel and see far more of it. Life is short and needs to be lived, in Beston’s opinion. Simply sitting and wondering what-if ends up wasting years of energy and life versus just taking a chance and seeing what’s possible.


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