The Business Side of Architecture 101

David Patrick Beston

May 13, 2022

David Patrick Beston

David Patrick Beston

According to David Patrick Beston, if you’ve ever read a book on architecture, you know that the vertical top-down approach doesn’t work very well. It’s best to approach architecture in a horizontal fashion, starting at the idea and moving horizontally through the business. Instead, build a team with a strong business and solution architect, and tie their thinking to value stream principles. That way, delivering critical project outcomes will never be seen as lacking value.

Business architecture is a way to improve your business

Building a Business Architecture involves creating a framework to describe how you do business. Business architects create a framework for new and existing capabilities and projects. These blueprints allow business leaders to better understand how their funds are being used and how they can better align those funds with long-term goals and objectives. The following are four key elements of a Business Architecture:

Organizations are typically comprised of many different operating functions. Different departments and business areas make unique contributions to the success of an enterprise. These functions can’t function independently and must work together to maximize the value delivered and achieve strategic objectives. Business architecture helps organizations integrate their various functions to ensure optimal value delivery. Businesses can also use Business Architecture to make the most of technology investments. Business architecture can help companies realize the potential of an integrated and comprehensive IT strategy.

David Patrick Beston pointed out that getting sponsorship is essential to launching a Business Architecture initiative. To be successful, it requires a sponsor within the organization who will open doors and provide information. A good sponsor is willing to support the effort, regularly follow up with the architect, and expect rapid results. Business architects should avoid tackling complicated issues in the beginning.

It can help you identify areas of weakness

Application architecture diagrams show two types of load-bearing slabs. A good alignment produces a thoughtful design and intentionality. A foundational view defines foundational principles. It helps you identify your areas of weakness in Architecture 101. The diagrams below explain each type. The load-bearing slabs are the most obvious foundational principles. You will also learn about RESTful web services, logical view, platforms, standards, and N-Tier architecture.

It can help you improve your business

In David Patrick Beston’s opinion, business Architecture is more than just the leadership structure of a company. The overall design of a business is vital to its performance. It should be both aesthetically pleasing and functionally useful. Here are some tips for achieving good business architecture. Incorporated into your daily operations, business architecture helps your company improve its performance. It will enhance the quality of your products and services, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.